Breast Cancer Resource Center

Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) is a centralized source of information, education and support that empowers those affected by breast cancer to navigate through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond as active, knowledgeable participants in their healthcare.


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Staffed by breast cancer survivors, BCRC strives to reduce mortality rates by assisting Central Texans diagnosed with breast cancer as they confront obstacles that stand in the way of their treatment or affect their quality of life. We help eliminate barriers related to insurance, employment, family relationships, inability to pay for services, and end-of-life decisions.


BCRC services are available at no charge to anyone—regardless of age, income, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation


For more information call the BCRC Help line: 512-524-2560  Linea De Ayuda: 512-965-5808 or visit online at